Community Access Control with Verifiable Credentials

Granular community access control has never been easier with free, off-chain proofs of membership, vibes, and more thanks to our friends at

The best tokenized communities in web3 are known for being more than their tokens. And now, we are able to combine on and off-chain proofs to create custom, permissionless, personalized experiences in the places we spend our time, in an easier and more cost effective way than ever before.

How? Now with the power of verifiable credentials, Disco allows users and communities to issue cryptographically-signed proofs which can be presented to gate access to Telegram chats, Discord roles and servers, Google Collaboration tools, Github repos, and more using Guild. 

Using your existing ETH address, you can combine requirements, roles, and rewards to engage audiences without confining them to one platform.


With x Disco, you can:

  • Gate access to Telegram, Discord, or Github repositories upon detection of a credential. 

Integration steps

How do I get started using Disco? Let’s say that I’m a community manager and I’d like to gate access to my Telegram or Discord Server using Verifiable Credentials from Disco.

Step 1: Create guild. Choose telegram, discord, or google doc. 

For this, I’ll be setting up a rule gating access to my Discord server.

Step 2. Let’s make it so that we only grant access to people with a certain type of Credential in their Disco Data Backpack. 

Click on the pencil icon to edit Member.  Click on integrations and you will see Disco.  

Under Credential Type, you’ll need to fill in the exact type of Credential you’d like to be checking for. Ensure that you type the exact credential the way it’s spelled: “OfficialDisconautCredential”, “Membership Credential” and optionally, the Issuer DID!

Hit save, and now your Guild is protected by Verifiable Credentials! 



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