Disco Data Backpacks & Lens Profiles for Social Discoverability

We live in a world where our data is scattered, segmented everywhere, and we have little control over how and where it’s distributed. We also can’t prove we actually control our social accounts outside of the platforms themselves – until now. Disco provides an even more comprehensive approach to managing your online identity. Your data backpack allows you to curate your ultimate “profile” made up of data, including your social accounts and handles scattered across the interwebs. Web3 social needs more data than what is onchain alone to enable discoverability and experiences based on more than financial assets, like social apps.

Proofs of Linked Accounts as Bi-directional Handshakes 🤝

By linking your social accounts to your Disco profile, you create Proofs that recognize you actually control those accounts. In other words, a Proof of Linked accounts is a bidirectional handshake between your Disco profile and your linked accounts, making it superior to merely copy/pasting your accounts on a new profile.

Why does this matter?

Bootstrapping profiles can be a pain, and it can be difficult to find your friends when you arrive to a new dapp. Connecting your data backpack with your Lens profile, along with other social accounts, makes this much easier.

Linking your accounts, and creating Proofs for those linkages, strengthens your Disco profile and improves how other users can discover your profile in a human-readable way.

Search lens handles in Disco and viola! By linking your Lens handle to your Disco profile, you can easily send/receive credentials from your lens frens. Whether you are exchanging professional credentials or sharing achievements, Disco's integration with Lens facilitates discovery and strengthens your online connections.

First, go to your Disco profile, and Edit Profile.

Edit Profile and Link Lens Account
Edit Profile and Link Lens Account

Link your Lens Account!

Enter your Lens handle
Enter your Lens handle

Enter your handle, then post your did:example:ebfeb1f712ebc6f1c276e12ec21 in a Lenster post, and confirm “I posted my DID.” Hit Verify, and done! You’ve created a proof of your linked account.

Confirm that you've posted your did on Lenster + verify
Confirm that you've posted your did on Lenster + verify

Disco is excited to enable new Lens ecosystem experiences. Are you a Lens App builder? Say hello and let us know what you’d like to see from Disco.

🔗 Link your Lens profile to your Disco Data Backpack here.

🌱 Stay tuned for updates and follow Disco on Lens at Discoxyz.lens.

Our Vision

We hope to continue empowering users to take control of their data which make up our multifaceted identities. Now, you can easily prove you control your social accounts with the verifiable proof you create each time you link an account to your Disco profile.

We’re working towards a future where utility portability and data aggregation empower you to take control of your online presence and present yourself however you choose, regardless of the social app du jour.

What else will you link? Let us know what accounts you wish to link at ask@disco.xyz

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