Welcome to the Disco!!

Meet your Data Backpack 🎒

Disco is your identity for the Metaverse. At Disco, we believe you are the multifaceted center of the party, and so you should be able to own, control, and reflect data about yourself to the world however you choose.

Our identities are complex and ever-evolving, and so too should the way we reflect the parts about ourselves in our daily interactions–on or offline.

In the public internet today, ownership of data/identity is currently controlled by incumbents and third-party companies. Every single account you make, purchase or preferences is held and captured in a data silo. Who knows, they might even be selling it!

Disco Data Backpacks 🎒

Think of us as your data backpack, where you can stash your private data in a way that’s owned and controlled by you. Creating your data backpack is similar to building an online profile, with components you can take with you across sites.

Much like you’d unzip your backpack to pull out its contents when you need them, you’ll be able to use Disco to present relevant information about yourself to unlock access to personalized digital and physical experiences. This may look like bypassing yet another form asking for your name and email, or unlocking specific perks granted to you.

Oversharing Online 🔎

Identity on the internet we know today involves: going to a website and logging with your username and password. You’re required to choose a username and password to authenticate to each specific application or service. Not only do you have to keep track of all these logins, but you also don’t own a copy of your personal information. We are used to carrying our information around physically (via an ID card or key card), presented at the time of need, but kept physically on our person. Sharing everything with everyone is obstructive, expensive, and exploitative.

Imagine an internet where you can prove your accomplishments, loyalty, expertise–or simply express your interests and things that matter to you in a way you control. For example, you can complete an education module on an ethereum-based web3 education app and earn a credential attesting to your accomplishment; you can prove how much you know about something via the credentials you collect and show in your backpack without the need to purchase anything. Then, when you take an action in the Bitcoin ecosystem, you can decide to share just enough information about yourself to complete a transaction (perhaps verifying your age, or what country you live in), instead of committing all of your data to another public blockchain.

A New Path Forward

So, the intent of these capabilities is to make sure that you never fill out a form again, that you never go to a concert of your favorite artist without receiving the VIP treatment that you've earned at home, that you never show up to a conference and have to wait in a line. You should be able to control the parts of yourself– or the things you do online– by choosing what you share publicly or what you keep in your backpack for your eyes only. Imagine a world where you can change your mind, explore new things with the chance to fail and learn, and spend more time having fun on an internet where you are in control.

We can’t wait to see where you’ll go with your new data backpack, and all of the memories, preferences, and adventures you’ll fill it with.

Please provide any feedback to ask@disco.xyz or sign up for a 1:1 feedback session here.

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